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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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 1. SATELLITE DEAL BETWEEN FRANCE AND UAE INFILTRATED BY NSA SPYING. IS NSA SPYING ON LEGISLATORS? GREENWALD REVEALS MUCH MORE TO COME AND WHISTLEBLOWERS APPEAL TO OBAMA TO SHARE WHAT THEY KNOW OF NSA ABUSE.  - 06JAN France-UAE satellite deal shaky after US spy tech discovered onboard – report.  - 06JAN NSA refuses to answer whether it spies on Congress.  - 07JAN Greenwald reports there are more leaks to come from Snowden. - 08JAN Former NSA whistleblowers plead for chance to brief Obama on agency abuses.  - 09JAN : Obama expected to curb spying on foreign leaders, limit NSA access to phone records.  - 09JAN PressTV: Global surveillance can be forced to end.

2. US AND UK SOLDIERS SPEAK AGAINST WAR, AND AGAINST FIGHTING FOR 'QUEEN AND COUNTRY'.  - YouTube Video: Speech by US soldier Mike Prysner condemning war and the elitist machine that profits.  - YouTube Video: British soldier Beau Griffin slams fighting for the Queen and country.  - 09JAN PressTV: Al-Qaeda's real origins exposed.

3. CHINA TO ALLOW PRIVATE BANKS FOR FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INVESTMENT. - 07JAN The BRICS Post: China announces new private banks.  - 07JAN DW Deutsche Welle: China willing to allow first private banks.

4. STATUS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, AND THE CONFIRMATION OF JANET YELLEN AS NEW FED CHAIR.  - 06JAN Dominic Rushe, London Guardian: Senate confirms Janet Yellen as next chair of the Federal Reserve.  - Blogsite for Dave Schmidt: 'The Sedona Connection'.  - Homepage at BlogTalk Radio for The Sedona Connection, with Dave Schmidt.

5. 113TH US CONGRESS: LEAST PRODUCTIVE, LEAST POPULAR, YET HAS THE MOST MILLIONAIRES EVER.  - 09JAN Make the money, make the laws: US Congress has more millionaires than ever – report.

6. FRANCE TIRE WORKERS TAKE BOSSES HOSTAGE TO PROTEST CLOSURE; PRESIDENT HOLLANDE FACES CHOICE TO REFORM OR MAYBE LOSE HIS JOB.  - 08JAN London DailyMail : French Goodyear tyre workers labeled 'lazy and overpaid' by US company chief take two bosses hostage.  - 11JAN The Economist: Can Francois do a Gerhard?  - 06JAN John Lichfield, London Independent: Francois Hollande makes drastic U-turn on tax cuts and welfare to save presidency.

7. KAREN HUDES INTERVIEW PART TWO. - homepage for Karen Hudes.

8. DISCLOSURE: MARS ONE PROJECT: MAINSTREAM CANADIAN STATION COVERS STORY; INTERVIEWS ROUND TWO CANDIDATE. - 10JAN - Peter Rakobowchuk Canadian Press/Global TV: Mars One takes 75 Canadians in 2nd round for one way mission.  - Homepage for the Mars One project.

9. TECH: ZEOFORM PLASTIC – TURNS HEMP INTO ALMOST ANYTHING.  - Difference between hemp and marijuana; benefits of hemp.  - 19NOV13 - Zeoform: A new plastic that turns hemp into almost anything.

10. TECH:  POSSIBLE HOUSING SOLUTIONS FOR COMMUNAL/SINGLE LIVING.  - 05DEC Katie Hosmer : Swedish University students design modern solar-powered home.  - 29OCT Peter Meiszner GlobalTV: Vancouver company hopes to kickstart micro home revolution.

11. HEALTH:  72 USES FOR SIMPLE HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS TO SAVE MONEY AND AVOID TOXINS.  - 05APR Cortney Harden: 72 uses for simple household products to save money and avoid toxins.

12. HEALTH:  RECIPE FOR A 'WELLNESS SHOT'. - Recipe for the 'wellness shot'.  - 10SEP13 : How to make an all natural wellness shot.

13. FINAL WORDS: ENERGY UPDATE FROM DANA MRKICH.  - 01JAN Dana Mrkich: Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014. - YouTube Video version with commentary from Dana Mrkich.

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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. BOLDLY SPEAKING : FORMER CANADIAN DEFENCE MINISTER CONTINUES TO SPEAK OUT SUPPORTING ET DISCLOSURE.  - Interview with Paul Hellyer on's SofieCo.  - Homepage for The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure.

2. A PROTEST OF REFLECTION: THAILAND PROTESTS CONTINUE; UKRAINIANS EMPLOY UNIQUE TOOL IN THEIR PROTEST.  - 01JAN Viparat Jantraprap: Thai PM returns to Bangkok as protest showdown looms.  - 30DEC Roman Pilipey : Ukrainians stage mirror protest to mark anniversary.

3. PRE-WAR DOCUMENTS OF TONY BLAIR AND GEORGE BUSH TO BE RELEASED; WILL MORE TRUTH FINALLY BE REVEALED ABOUT 9/11?  - 30DEC : Secret pre-Iraq war talks between Bush and Blair to be published.  - Nancy Detweiler Blog:  Wikileaks exposes 911 conspirators.

4. CANADIAN PM POPULARITY SINKS; COUNTRY IS NOT GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  - 30DEC Josh Wingrove Globe and Mail : Canada is headed in the wrong direction says poll.  - 20DEC Jeffrey Simpson: A disheartening year in Canadian politics.

5. MASS RESIGNATIONS/DISMISSALS IN CHINA LINKED TO POLITICAL BRIBERY SCANDAL.  - 28DEC Over 500 Chines lawmakers resign in mass bribery scandal.  - 28DEC Kenneth Schortgen: 2014 will be the year of the currency reset and gold backed trade note.  - 26DEC Jim Willie Deceptions, Dupes and Dots. (The article quoted by Kenneth Schortgen in his article. )  - 05AUG13 Kenneth Schortgen : China offers next step in removing dollar from reserve currency status.  - 24DEC : Germany to repatriate gold from US, France.

6. THE US FED: A 100 YEAR FAILURE.  - 20DEC Mark Hendrickson, Fed Reserve has failed at everything it has tried.

7. CHURCH OF ENGLAND ARCHBISHOP: CALLS FOR MASSIVE CHANGE OF DIRECTION IN BANKING SECTOR.  - 31DEC : Bankers need to shift to principles of 'justice and hope' – Archbishop of Canterbury.

8. INTERVIEW WITH KAREN HUDES.  - the website for Karen Hudes and contact for questions.

9. OPEN LETTER TO LEADERS OF THE WORLD AND PETITION TO 'TELL THE TRUTH'.  - YouTube Video: Stephen Cook: An open letter to the leaders around the world.  - To sign the petition demanding leaders tell us the truth in 2014.  - 03JAN Stephen Cook: Petition to world leaders: Tell us the truth in 2014.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I'd like to throw something out to the listeners for consideration.

When we have experienced change over the course of human evolution, change has usually been documented in terms of years, maybe even decades for a seed to be planted in human consciousness, and then to mature into manifestation.

The cabal has been intricately planning their enslavement of humanity and our planet for at least a century, and very likely several centuries. This becomes a bit more difficult to grasp as to why a group of souls would seek to implement a plan that they themselves may not be able to benefit from within their lifetime.

However, why limit that to only the cabal? Has not the Divine Creator also been planning and creating manifestations on levels significantly larger than those of the cabal, and for infinitely longer moments of 'now'?

The plans of the cabal; to instill feelings of fear, debt, and separation are now in conflict with the will of Divine Creator and it seems that of Gaia also. The cabal, through its infiltration of all the societal structures worldwide, have been able to successfully manifest mindsets of separation based on race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, physical/mental ability, political belief, age, and countless other criteria. Their well-laid plans have resulted in significant harm and destruction to Gaia over millennia.

Many have been reluctant to accept that there is such widespread corruption and control within our institutions of leadership because it has been hard to grasp that such a plan could have been carried out over such a long time without them not realizing or seeing it. How could it possibly happen that the cabal influence ends up not only in our parliaments, judicial and banking institutions, but also within our media, our education, our corporations, our entertainment, and dare I even say our spirituality? How did we miss this? One only needs to look at all the separation and the distractions available in our current world to see that it has been easy to miss this, because we have been distracted by countless temptations put out by the cabal to keep us from focusing on what they were doing.

They have become so successful in marketing their kind of democracy, that people have become blind to the fact that they are not free at all, and in fact, capitalistic democracy has resulted in significantly greater damage and lack of freedom, because it has been silent, and it has been deadly. We will vehemently defend this alleged 'freedom', without realizing or understanding at all that what we are defending is our own enslavement at the expense of our planet. Humanity has become the laughing stock of the cabal, because they gleefully rub their hands with joy each time we elect a new government believing that they are actually going to serve their interests; or they laugh hysterically at us, as we willingly give away our freedom to a corporate fiction identity, and pay all the fines and fees attached to that identity, without ever having democratically voted on this.

They even laugh when they realize that they can subvert ideas such as spirituality, and find ways to capitalize on this, while giving us the illusion that we are awakening?

The goal of creating separation, has been to prevent one basic truth from being known by you.

Religions have sought to manifest separation: that you are separate from a Divine Creator, however that religion has chosen to define or experience the Divine Creator. They have sought to bring people into alignment with a dogmatic, systemic belief pattern, believing that this pattern was the only true to way to connect to the Divine, and if any chose not to follow that pattern, then one would be punished or condemned. Fear has often been a tool used not only to get people to do things, but also to keep people from doing other things. The intention of religion was to keep people in fear, in order to keep them within an illusory belief pattern that one not only had to seek a connection or a relation with a Divine Creator according to those traditions or beliefs, but that there would be some negative consequence as a result of not adhering to that belief pattern.

Spirituality has been marketed on the beliefs that we must seek a new relation with the Divine Creator, or seek to experience the Oneness that is LIFE. As long as we are continuously fed these negative, distracting activities and diversions, there will always be an opportunity to cash in on marketed spirituality, and a need for people to consume it, and thus put time and money into it, perpetuating the illusive paradigm.

The ultimate journey of awakening has been to know ourselves as Divine Gods and Goddesses.

At some level, most awakening souls know that we are all One, and that we are all Divine entities. Our language and our expression may be taking a bit longer to catch up however.

I was called out on this, this morning by the teacher at the ashram. I had written something to the effect that I experience my connection with the Divine wherever I happen to be, in the water or elsewhere. I have been sharing with people for years and years now that we are all One, and that each one of us is a uniquely different, equally beautiful God/Goddess or Goddess/God.

The words I have used at times however, have reflected a connection to, or relation with the Divine Creator.

Each of you is a God/Goddess. I am a God/Goddess. We are all One. Therefore a question may be asked whether or not it is possible in fact to have a 'relation' or 'connection' to that which you already are? What part of you is experiencing 'relation' or 'connection'? The answer is the part of you that is humanity, which is another criteria of separation.

If you are not knowing that you are Divine, and if you are not feeling and experiencing the Divine in each and every aspect of LIFE that is mirrored back to you in each moment of 'now', then we are still in separation.

We do not know the soul-contract of other aspects of LIFE and what they came here to experience, and what they came here to teach. It is not our place to judge another. This includes the members of the cabal who have been harming humanity and our planet. Gary Zukav has said that "a soul that is engaging in violence is hurting deeply, for a balanced soul is incapable of harming anything.'

The separation has been caused by souls who are so deeply hurting themselves. Global change begins with multiple, separate acts of compassion. You are a Divine Being! There is no longer a relation or connection to be sought or experienced. It is to be known, and it is be lived. This is arguably, the one big thing the cabal does not want you to know.

Therefore, know yourself as Divine; experience others as Divine and experience our planet and all LIFE as Divine. Breathe this into the collective consciousness to empower the global change needed at this time.

You are Divine...and we are the ones we have been waiting for! Blessed be!

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If the power is restored Thursday afternoon, I may still have enough time to write/produce everything for the show on Friday.  If not, will do my best to get the show uploaded as quickly as possible when I have the power to do so.

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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. DEBUTANTE POLITICAL PARTY IN NEW DELHI INDIA UPSETS ELECTIONS.  - Young political party stuns in election results in New Delhi; called to form local government.   - 25DEC Times of : Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn in on Saturday, 28DEC   - 26DEC Times of : Alka Lamba dumps Congress to join AAP party; will start in ranks.

2. PROTEST NEWS: TURKEY AND THAILAND.   - 26DEC : Turkish protesters urge PM's resignation as graft scandal shakes the government.   - 25DEC Reuters/London Guardian: Turkish corruption scandal: three ministers quit.   - 21DEC London Guardian: "   - 27DEC RT crew caught in tear gas while reporting from Istanbul.   - 23DEC : Pro democracy protesters fill Bangkok Thailand demanding reform before elections.

3. REFORM AND SEPARATION WAVE HITS NORTHERN ITALY.   - 16DEC Nick Squires London Telegraph: Independence for northern Italy and an end to the euro; Northern League party leader.   - 26DEC Mark Pygas : 31 astounding moments of peace during protest.

4. LATEST SPY REVELATIONS: FAR BEYOND SCOPE OF NATIONAL SECURITY.   - 20DEC London Guardian: NSA/GCHQ spying goes far beyond scope of national security.

5. EMERGING TRUTH OF FALSE-FLAG BOMBING OF TWA 800.   - : Exposing the government lies and coverup surrounding TWA 800 explosion from July, 1996.   - 24DEC Benjamin Fulford weekly report, commenting on the Lockerbie bombing over Scotland.

6. WORLD BANK HEAD CALLS CORRUPTION 'PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE'.  - 19DEC : World Bank head calls corruption 'public enemy number one'.

7. IRISH FINANCIAL EARTHQUAKE: CEO AND TWO BANKERS ARRESTED, CHARGED.  - 19DEC Irish Irish banking world rocked as three financiers in court.

8. HAPPY 100 BIRTHDAY FED RESERVE: NOW GO AWAY.  - 23DEC Adrian Salbuchi / : 100 years of manipulating the US dollar.  - 23DEC Mark Spitznagel : Happy 100th birthday Fed – now go away. - About the Federal Reserve Act – official page.

9. POPE FRANCIS: WALKING THE WALK.   - 24DEC Huffington Post: Pope's approval rating soars: CNN survey.   - 11DEC Huffington Post: Pope Francis is internet's top name of 2013, according to Global Language Monitor survey.   - 16DEC Mark Pygas : I knew Pope Francis was good, but when I found out what he did in 2013, I was blown away.

10. ITALY: MAFIA-FREE CHRISTMAS HAMPERS A HIT WITH SHOPPERS.  - 22DEC Nick Squires London Telegraph: 'Mafia-free' Christmas hampers a hit with Italians.

11. MOSCOW: OPERA STAR/POLITICIAN CALLS FOR MODIFICATIONS TO SO-CALLED 'ANTI-GAY' LAW.   - 27DEC Russian opera star/politician speaks against anti-gay legislation.

12. MEXICO: MASS UFO SIGHTING, AND GOVERNMENT RELEASES MAYAN DOCS PROVING ET LIFE.  - YOUTUBE:  - December 2013 NuestraVision Noticias (Mexican TV News) : Fleet of UFO's over Mexico.   - Alleged Mass sighting over Pereira, Colombia in November of 2013   - YouTube video by Jason Kirby outlining ancient Mayan and UFO connection. (12:00 in length)

----- Unverified Sources for videos of UFO sightings around the world. -----

13. ICECUBE OBSERVATORY: MAPPING THE UNIVERSE THROUGH NEUTRINO STUDY.  - Antarctic Neutrino Exploration and Telescope Observatory website opened in 2010.  - Story on IceCube, an observatory searching for neutrino life having origins beyond our solar system.

14. HEALTH: COCONUT OIL FOR DENTAL HYGIENE.   - 22DEC Coconut oil for dental hygiene.

15. FEEL GOOD: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A TEST ON INTER-RACIAL RELATIONS.   - YOUTUBE: Feel good: 'What Would You Do?' Black man brings white girlfriend to hair salon in Harlem; here is what happens.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, I'd like sum up a little bit of how the last year has been. My colleague, Stephen Cook, an editor at the Golden Age of Gaia has also composed an article summarizing some of the events, and this bears mentioning also.

There appears to be flurry activity at this time, with sources and stories reporting things that are happening, allegedly happening, alleged to have happened, and so forth. Many continue to sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of something 'external' happening that will radically change their lives and the state of our planet for the better. There is arguably some partial truth in this, but there a most important factor missing, and I will address this shortly.

Cook notes many events have taken place just within the last few weeks alone and provides links to those stories. Lately, we have begun hearing buzz about the NSA declassifying info about Bush showing him to have authorized spying and the US congress is opening the door more to truth about Saudi Arabian and US insider involvement on 9/11. We are now realizing that almost every government is either tied into spying arrangements with the NSA, are being spied by the NSA or both. The world is now beginning to realize that every military intervention in any country since at least WWI have been paid for, carried out by or at least orchestrated by the CIA. The world is realizing that there never was a 'war on terror' and in fact it is more commonly known as a 'war OF terror' being carried out by insider forces. We are awakening to the deeper truths behind chemtrails, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Media and how they have contributed to the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet. There have been more revelations in banking such as the LIBOR scandal and others as well as some arrests in banking such as in Turkey and Iceland.

We are still seeing some false-flag events, and also the publishing of fear-mongered information, designed to put fear into those who are not choosing to practice their discernment in attempting to sift through the info and disinformation campaigns.

We are now hearing more truth being revealed regarding the airline bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland many years back. Almost continuously, there is news of protests in numerous countries in Asia and Europe, while some sources imply or outwardly suggest that 2014 will be the year of the revolution, particularly in the west. May it be a peaceful revolution of resistance through non-compliance and educated voting as opposed to violent rebellion. May the Higher Souls choose to step into their service more next year, to give people the inspiration, empowerment as well as the options for better and more courageous governance in many countries.

On the positive side however, we are also witnessing an increase in the numbers of videos showing sightings of craft believe to be of our galactic families. Though they cannot assist individuals directly, due to karmic reasons, they are allegedly assisting Gaia our planet as she has apparently being given permission to receive this help due to her planned Ascension for this timeframe. We as humanity, must make our own choices as to how we move forward or whether we choose to move forward with Gaia at this time.

We are seeing increasing numbers of young souls bringing amazing gifts to humanity, gifts that defy the logic and current understanding of many more scientific and academically-minded individuals and institutions. There are more and more technologies being revealed to the public, and the general feeling seems to indicate that we may be on the cusp of yet another profound shift in how we are living and BE-ing.

All of these revelations have been necessary, as painful as some of them may be. Those who have not yet awakened need to see all that is being revealed, exposing how they have been enslaved to and controlled by a relatively small group of individuals, companies and institutions that have sold us the illusion of a free world while lying about their alleged good intentions.

Those who have begun to awaken, have started to seek a higher understanding of what, how and why all of this has happened – that the journey has been to awaken to who we are through all of the experiences of being who we are not. It has been about learning about energy, of Oneness, and how we participate in what we are experiencing, and thus we must also learn to take responsibility and accountability for those creations. It also has meant learning compassion and forgiveness; for oneself and also for others. The world we are co-creating now must not come with the energies of negativity that have been done to us, and therefore we are being guided to choose our future from a higher space of being regardless of the challenges.

We are getting numerous events and alignments taking place within our solar system. Many are experiencing profound energetic shifts taking place on profound levels.

Spiritually-speaking, where might we be sitting at this time? There is perhaps some confusion out there, even within the so-called 'spiritual' communities.

Most of the regular listeners have received the message or information that we are all energy, that we are all connected as One, that we are all Divine beings and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Keeping this in mind, many of us, and I include myself in this, have fallen into the trap of seeking spirituality outside of our own being. If we are all Divine, spiritual beings, it stands to reason therefore that it is no longer necessary to seek spirituality or truth outside of ourselves. We each have our own uniquely different, equally beautiful relative truth contained within us, as we awaken to serve the absolute truth.

It is perhaps that we have become confused with all the mass-marketed spirituality, seeking to sell us truth when it is not necessary. The question now begging to be asked then is : "Well, if we are not seeking spirituality, what IS it that we are seeking then?"

The complete answer to that lies within you also, although part of the answer lies in one's ability to discover and reveal that which is NOT working within one's LIFE-path; to release and heal the patterns, beliefs, addictions, and veils of separation that are keeping you from knowing your truth and your Divine Nature within you.

In terms of spiritual growth for 2014, it may be worth reflecting not on what it is that you are seeking to know, as far as spiritual growth is concerned, but rather to reflect on all the patterns, beliefs, control dramas and energies that are blocking your body, physically, mentally, emotionally and thus also spiritually.

As one takes steps towards acknowledging what is not working, what is preventing you from experiencing your true knowingness as a Divine Being, these can begin to melt away, thus revealing within you what has always been your Divine birthright – the true nature of who you are, and what you are truly capable of doing and BE-ing.

This is the hard work that many are now being called to work on to heal. Before one can truly fulfill one's LIFE-path purpose or truth, one must also know oneself as a Divine Being. Part of this knowing comes in releasing and absorbing that part of you that has been existing in separation to your true nature. Are you able to challenges, emotions and possible pains associated with revealing your attachments and addictions? The good news is that there are many many more of us who are willing to do this work at this time, and we do not necessarily have to do it alone.

I repeat – in the coming year one MAY choose to resonate with a suggestion that one does not need to seek marketed spirituality – one has all one needs within oneself! If this choice resonates with you, then in 2014, you can gently work on releasing everything that is unique to you and your LIFE-path that has been preventing you from knowing your true nature and having the experience you deserve as a Divine Being.

There is no one 'out there' who knows YOU and your LIFE-path better than YOU! You have all you need within you, and it is your time to embrace this if you are able, willing and courageous enough to do so. All you need is to identify and release the blocks and veils you created to participate in this illusion duality, and allow that diamond within you to be revealed!

May 2014 be that year of celebration, release, empowerment and expansion into your true being, allowing for the courageous service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families as we move forward as a birthing galactic star nation! May you be blessed, guided and protected according to your Highest Good in this current moment of 'now'!

Blessed be. - Stephen Cook: Avalanche of truth has begun.

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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE

1. SNOWDEN REVELATIONS: NSA SPY PARTNERS IN EUROPE NOW AT NINE.  - 17DEC DOD official: Snowden 'stole everything- literally everything'.  - 08DEC Sweden engaged in industrial espionage against Russia: report.  - 19DEC : Eyes everywhere: NSA's second tier spying partners identified.  - 12DEC Philip Olterman, London Guardian: Edward Snowden: EU MEP's vote to invite ex-NSA contractor to testify.  - 12DEC Gregor Peter Schmitz, European Parliament: Snowden will make a video appearance.  - Jon Queally, Common Snowden: "I would be rather be without a state than without a voice."  - 17DEC Donna Bowater, London Telegraph: Edward Snowden asks Brazil for asylum  YOUTUBE: - Robert D Steele : Blog That!

2. 9/11 AND SAUDI ARABIA: JUDGE REOPENS CASE AGAINST KINGDOM.  - 18DEC PressTV: Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up; demands Obama act.  - 20DEC PressTV: US Court revives 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia.

3. URUGUAY IS COUNTRY OF THE YEAR: THE ECONOMIST.  - 14DEC : 'Tell that old man to stop lying.': Uruguays's president chides UN official over marijuana law.  - 18DEC Art Way, PopularResistance.Org: The voters of Colorado did the right thing last year.  - 19DEC Chris Harris, Euronews: Economist magazine hails Uruguay for legalizing cannabis and gay marriage.  - Uruguay legalizes gay marriage.

4. UN SUPPORTS IRAN RESOLUTION FOR NON-VIOLENCE AND ANTI-EXTREMISM.  - 19DEC PressTV: UN votes to adopt Iran anti-extremism resolution.

5. UKRAINE AND RUSSIA STRIKE DEAL FOR ENERGY; PROTESTS CONTINUE.  - 17DEC Euronews: Protests as Russia and Ukraine sign a new trade deal that brings them closer.  - 17DEC Laura Smith-Spark, Marie-Louise Gumuchian and Diane Magnay, CNN : Ukraine, Russia sign economic deal despite protests.  - 18DEC BBC: Russia deal saved Ukraine from bankruptcy: PM Azarov.  - live updates from Ukraine. - 19DEC PressTV – Thousands hold anti-austerity demos in Italy and Austria.

6. ICELAND JAILS BANKERS; A MODEL FOR OTHER COUNTRIES.  - 13DEC Icelandic 'banksters' get jail time over Kaupthing fraud.  - YOUTUBE, 14DEC : Iceland model: How to deal with banksters should be standard for the whole world.  -13DEC Max Keiser UK, US govts hand in hand with bankers committing financial crimes.

7. GERMANY TURNS DOWN LOANS FOR BANK BAILOUTS – WHAT MIGHT THEY KNOW?  - 18DEC PressTV  - 15DEC : Philip Olterman London Guardian: Everyone wins as Germany gets the coalition it longs for.

8. BANK TO THE FUTURE.COM; A POSSIBLE CROWD-SOURCE BANKING OPTION.  - YOUTUBE: Video clip of Simon Dixon (6:25) CEO, founder of  - homepage for the project Bank To The Future.

9. LIVING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE; RESEARCH MOVES TO 'ALTERNATIVE MAINSTREAM' NEWS.  - 13DEC Physics breakthrough: Is the universe a giant hologram?  - 12 DEC James Vincent, London Independent: Physicists discover 'clearest evidence yet' that the Universe is a hologram.

10. ENERGY UPDATE FOR DECEMBER BY AISHA NORTH, WITH EXCERPTS FROM GALACTIC FEDERATION VIA SHELDON NIDLE.  - 18DEC Aisha North – Short update on the energies.  - 17DEC weekly message from Sheldon Nidle

11. TECH: NEW WIND TURBINE WITHOUT BLADES.  - 14DEC : Bladeless wind generator produces 200% more energy at 45% less cost.  - homepage for Saphon Energy.

12. FEEL GOOD: ENTREPRENEUR GIVES LAPTOP TO HOMELESS MAN; SURPRISING RESULT.  - Laura Willard : One time a guy gave a homeless man a computer, and the recipient did exactly what the giver expected. - YOUTUBE - Follow up video with Leo Grand – introducing his 'Trees For Cars' app.  - Facebook page for Journeyman Patrick who first offered Leo Grand the laptop.  – a website that appears to have been created by Patrick to offer support to those launching new dreams.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, we are again at the winter solstice. One year ago, many around the world had the raised hopes of some kind of magical, significant event that would whisk us away from much, if not all that we continue to experience in this duality of LIFE.

We were perhaps awoken to the fact that things do not exactly happen as we might want or expect. It has been said by some that the Divine Creator answers all prayers and questions, even if the answer is 'no' or 'not yet'.

Some may have used the perceived lack of events as an excuse to turn their backs on their service to humanity, the planet and our galactic families, and return to the mundane existence of being enslaved to oppressive structures.

Some went through a humbling withdrawal, realizing that we may have to participate more than we had originally thought in all the changes unfolding.

What we have realized, a year later is this: We are still here, and I do not necessarily mean this in a negative way. Yes, it is unfortunate that so many people who have committed their lives to serving humanity are still experiencing hardship, fear, illness, oppression and even violence. At the same time, we have witnessed more acts of genuine human love and compassion, we have been touched by music videos and achievements of young souls who are bringing incredible gifts to us at this time. We are witnessing courageous acts of individuals souls, and also courageous acts of collective souls at exposing all that has been enslaving us.

Messages from our galactic families have indicated that they are unable to help humanity unless humanity requests that help. Gaia is receiving some assistance. Many souls have been asking for help, and it is possible that help has been appearing on some smaller levels around our planet. At the same time, we as a species must also do our part in raising our personal and collective vibration to match those of the benevolent galactic family members. We have to take responsibility for our choices as to what it is that we are desiring to experience.

We are seeing evidence that suggests our global financial paradigm is collapsing, that the system of admiralty law that forms the basis of global legal structures is also being exposed; governments are being voted out, thrown out, or protested against, if they are not felt to be serving the public interest at this time.

On a personal note, it has been the incredible financial support that has allowed me to continue buying food for another year, allowing me to continue focusing on bringing news from around, upon, within and beyond our planet. It is my intention at this time to continue working towards expanding CVN to a video newscast format, when my current journey is complete. Each of you is a part of that journey.

Why are we still in this 'mess' a year later, some of you may be asking? Are things really changing? Am I really changing?

Only you can really answer questions such as these, as you are creating that which you are experiencing, and it may require a full surrender in your heart to this realization, that may allow you to take the next step forward in moving through the addictions of what one is creating and experiencing.

Are you able to look at the more negative events, the more negative situations, and the more negative people you have come across this past year, and even tried to look at them with any degree of compassion, love and forgiveness? Have you been able to do this with yourself? I can tell you this is not an easy pill to swallow.

Through the year, I have tried to gently guide the listener to avoid judging global leaders, bankers, lawyers, priests, institutions or organizations with a hard heart. After all, what world are we creating when we say we want a planet of higher peace and consciousness, and then harm all those who have harmed us. Would we have achieved our goal? Only you can answer this in your heart.

We are being called to awaken and to expose what is happening. It is my very personal feeling that we are not being called to pass judgements on what is unfolding, but merely to demonstrate by our example of BE-ing that love and compassion can be shown in situations where love, compassion and forgiveness have not been present.

The ego may say that it feels more fulfilling to know that someone has been punished for what they may or may not have done to us. The heart will ask you after the act has been done "Was it worth it?" Is this what was really meaningful for you to experience that which you were claiming to want to experience?'

Maybe...just maybe... having the foresight to see this in advance of any acts of negativity, vengeance or retribution may be the gift you can receive in your heart this holiday season. As we collectively hold the energies of a new Gaia, with true peace, health, abundance and abundance on all levels for all souls, for the Highest Good of all in this moment of 'now', may we also know and begin to experience the beginning of the unification of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Although I am currently far removed from some of the more familiar things that I appreciated from the holiday season, I know that in the spirit of Oneness, I am celebrating with each of you, wherever you are in the world, and in whichever ways you are choosing to experience this time of year. I honour each of you.

May your hearts be full over the coming week or two. I send to each of you blessings of humble peace and joy filled with the gratitude of your Highest Self for all that is LIFE. May this time of celebration also allow you quiet moments of reflection upon what is meaningful for you in this moment, while empowering you further with the visions, dreams energies and courage to move forward full steam in creating the new paradigm while peacefully pushing the old paradigm out as quickly and as safely as possible for all.

Blessed be!


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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. UPDATE ON THAILAND PROTESTS.  - 06DEC Police in Thailand lay down vests and barricades in solidarity with protestors.  - 09DEC Reuters/London Guardian: Thai protests continue after PM calls election.

2. PROTESTS AND HYPOCRISY IN UKRAINE.  - 09DEC Shaun Walker, outrage as Kiev police attack barricades in Ukraine.  - 11DEC Office of the Canadian Prime Minister: Statement from the PM on developments in Ukraine.

3. JORDAN TO REPLACE SAUDI ARABIA AT UN SECURITY COUNCIL.  - 06DEC Al-Jazeera: Jordan elected to replace Saudi Arabia UN Security Council seat.

4. PUTIN DISSOLVES AND REPLACES STATE-OWNED MEDIA AGENCY.  - 09DEC Putin orders orverhaul of top state news agency.

5. RUSSIA TO WRITE OFF 90% OF CUBAN DEBT.  - 10DEC : Russia to cancel 29 billion of Cuba's Soviet-era debt.  - 10DEC PressTV: Russia forgives billions in Cuban debt, opens trade.

6. FINANCE: EU POLITICIANS FARAGE AND BLOOM ON CORRUPT BUSINESS AND POLITICS.  - YouTube posted 23OCT2012: Nigel Farage commenting on corporate tax evasion.  - 23MAY2012 YouTube EuroParliament: Godfrey Bloom exposes the scam behind the Financial Transaction Tax in 2012. - 21NOV2013 YouTube/EuroParliament: Godfrey Bloom: The state is an institution of theft.

7. WORLD-REKNOWNED AUTHORS CALL FOR DEMOCRACY IN A DIGITAL / INTERNET AGE.  - 10DEC Matthew Taylor, Nick Hopkins London Guardian: Worlds' leading authors: state surveillance of personal data is theft.  - PETITION: A stand for democracy in the digital age.

8. URUGUAY LEGALIZES PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, SALE AND CONSUMPTION OF MARIJUANA.  - 11DEC Jonathan Watts London Guardian: Uruguay legalizes production and sale of cannabis..  - 18OCT2005 US National Library of Medicine : Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic. - 26OCT Al-Jazeera VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH MUJICA: Jose Mujica: "I earn more than I need."

9. WAKING UP TO THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE.  - 26OCT Yukon Jack, Veteran's Today: Waking up to the holographic universe.

10. DISCLOSURE: POSSIBLE HINTS COMING FROM WHITE HOUSE?  - 06DEC Wiegel, Podesta returns to White House to find truth about aliens.  - 10DEC Philip Bump: Obama's second term surprise: yes, aliens are real.  - 11DEC Philip Swarts Washington Times: Libeal fixer John Podesta is Obama's new right-hand man.

11. HEALTH: OZONE THERAPY HEALING.  - 07DEC Paul Fassa In5D: Suppressed: Using oxygen to recover and wipe out all disease.



In this week's FINAL WORDS, as I was researching this newscast, I came across an opinion article submitted to Al-Jazeera and published on their website on 12DEC. Patricia Vieira is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University. Georgetown university is a private research facility located in Washington DC.

The article by Ms. Vieira is commenting on a film called 'The Hunger Games'. I admit, that I have not seen this movie, so it is not appropriate to judge it, or have an opinion about it. I also admit that I am immediately suspicious however of most Hollywood movies these days that have excessive violence and are encouraging of revolution. The fact that this opinion was written by one working at an institution having the history it has and administration of possible neocon Jewish oversight also raises my flag of caution. Having said this, I could perhaps say I partially agree with Vieira but with strong conditions.

In her article, she starts by quoting Donald Sutherland, an actor in the movie as saying: "I want Hunger Games to stir up a revolution." Part of what I am trying to do with Cosmic Vision News, is to try to teach people to look at what others say and write, and learn how to ask the deeper questions. In the past, when one thing was said, one thing was immediate assumed and for the most part, it was probably right.

A leader may say something like: "This legislation will benefit the people of this country, whatever that country is". As we are now seeing that governments are generally not serving the best interests of their people, the deep question might be "Exactly which people in this country are benefitting from this legislation?". This may lead to another deeper question, depending upon the response given.

To one say that one wants to stir up a revolution who almost require another to ask the immediate question: "What kind of revolution, and for what cause specifically?"

Vieira writes that this movie: "does fan the flames of revolt. We watch the brutal subjugation of destitute workers labouring unceasingly to support the extravagant, wasteful lifestyle of the privileged few in Panem, an authoritarian state created in North America in the not-so-distant future. Predictably enough, the poor grow tired of being exploited and stage a rebellion.

The two Hunger Games films released thus far can certainly be interpreted as a dark parable of contemporary societies. With a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, uprisings are bound to erupt. The hunger that gives the movies their title is and has always been a powerful incentive for political action. The films' plot could thus be regarded as a gigantic mirror reflecting the current economic situation for the benefit of complacent, affluent audiences, in the hopes that they will raise their overweight bodies from their seats and go change the world.

Many listeners may begin to see the polarization here. Humanity has been enslaved, and until now we have been unable to get ourselves out from under this oppression. We are sold the message that if we want freedom or 'peace', we may have to fight and kill for it. In all the wars since at least WWI, people fought and died under the false flag of democracy and freedom, when it is now becoming more than abundantly clear that this was not the case at all.

We have been trapped in what has been a no-win situation. We can live as slaves under the contracts of what the cabal controlled societies have tricked us into consenting to. When people resist and stand up to that authority, they are taken down with legal and economic trickery or they are brought down by force, because physical resistance is what the cabal groups want from us – to feed on our anger, our hatred and fears, and use those against us and failing that using their force to remove us or scare us back into enslavement.

Who is making a call for revolution and the reason for it must always be known and understood before consenting to participate in something. We witness protests, some violent around our world. When both sides are engaging in violence it is hard to know who started it and for what intention. At the same time, we are now witnessing brutality from law enforcement against people who are not violently resisting at all. In this case, it becomes visibly clear who is the aggressor and who is really in the position of dishonouring LIFE.

Although the movie calls for a revolution, Vieira raises an interesting point. She writes: "contemporary revolutions are not that easy to accomplish. Look hard as we may, we cannot pinpoint that one structure without which the rest of the system will come crumbling down like a house of cards. If one dictator is toppled, two or three corrupt "democratic" candidates immediately line up, eager to try their hand at more covert forms of despotism. When unjust economic practices are overthrown, old elites unhelpfully join forces with upstarts to fashion new forms of exploitation.

Historically, it was merely a matter of finding the root cause and then removing one individual, or a government. It is much harder now. If people try to remove a leader or a cabal government, the cabal media launches its attack. The tentacles of cabal cancer have infiltrated most, if not all areas of influence and control in the western world.

Vieira closes by saying that : "Oppressive power is, at once, more pervasive and more diffuse than in The Hunger Games, and it stubbornly reconstitutes itself after each attempt to stamp it out. This is perhaps the underlying cause of the political apathy pervasive throughout the Western world. Even if, Katniss-like, we risk our lives to shoot our bow and arrow at perceived tyrants, we might still wake up the next day in another power game, inside an arena whose invisible prison walls we will not even quite be able to identify.

The task of a true revolutionary movie is to rethink the possibilities for rebellion against injustice in a contemporary setting and not just to replay old models for uprisings that no longer apply. Maybe the last two films of the The Hunger Games will do just that and the beacon of revolution will, once again, shine from America.

There are those who may believe they are revolutionaries, by inciting fear, anger and hatred, while making calls for physical rebellions involving the kind of violence that the cabal is just waiting for people do.

In my personal opinion at least, there is a huge difference between a revolution that is based in fear, separation and other negative energies that is seeking violent solutions for change and a revolution that has true peace, love, harmony, and Oneness as its root that may require physical force or violence for its defence and protection.

Gandhi has said: "A man is but a product of his thought. What he thinks he becomes." Said another way: "Where attention goes, energy flows."

We are witnessing true revolutionary individuals and movements at work. The old models of people storming parliaments or palaces will no longer work. First of all, it supports the agenda of the cabal, and secondly, negativity is a frequency being limited and reduced as human and planetary consciousness raises. Whistleblowers, hackers, alternative media, Occupy movements, Idle No More movements, and even inventors.

With these actions, we are standing up to create the paradigm that will make the paradigm of enslavement obsolete. Will it be easy? No. Will there chaos and violence? Possibly. May some people finish their soul-contracts in the process and die? Possibly. The seeds of change and awakening however are germinating, and they are taking root. The vision that we carry in our hearts, and the energies of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and more with which we empower that vision become the swords and shields for our future.

However YOU choose to revolt, may you be guided from your Higher Self, with the intention of only the Highest Good for humanity, our planet and our galactic families at this time!  - 12DEC Patricia Vieira OPED Al-Jazeera: Will 'The Hunger Games' spark a revolution?  - Info about Georgetown university.  - info about Paul Tagliabue  - Jewish influence in the business of sports. Tagliabue's name is mentioned.

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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. TRANSITION/PASSING OF NELSON MANDELA  - 06DEC Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.  - 06DEC Aviva Shen and Judd Legum Six things Nelson Mandela believed that most people won't talk about.  - White House: Obama statement on Mandela's passing.  - 05DEC Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid icon and father of modern South Africa dies.  - 06DEC Times of India: What makes Nelson Mandela so special?  - 'Invictus', starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, highlighting Mandela's uniting of the country through sport.  - memorable quotations from Nelson Mandela  - 01JUL2013 Danny Schecter: How the western media distorts the historical legacy of Nelson Mandela.

2. PROTESTS IN THAILAND.  - 03DEC Thai protesters reach PM's office after police remove barriers.  - 04DEC Scott Hydler, Al-Jazeera: Thai protests ease ahead of King's birthday.  - 05DEC Voice of Russia: Opposition in Thailand vows to resume protests on 06DEC.

3. PROTESTS IN UKRAINE – POLICE VIOLENCE.  - 06DEC The Economist: A new revolution on Maidan Square.  - 06DEC Ukraine's protests tilt towards talks.  - 03DEC Ukraine gov't survives non-confidence vote amid mass protests. – Ukrainian opposition wouldn't sign 'suicidal' EU agreement.

4. NSA SPYING: SWEDEN SPIES ON RUSSIA FOR THE NSA. - 05DEC PressTV: US spied on Russia with Sweden's help.  - 05DEC : NSA leaks: Sweden spied on Russian leaders for the US.

5. CANADA: SPECULATION OF PM HARPER'S RESIGNATION.  - 01DEC CTVNews: Harper to visit Israel for the first time next year. - 28NOV Andrea Janus CTV News: RCMP docs show 'how deep the rot was' in Prime Ministers Office: Conservative consultant.  - 01DEC David Akin: Harper's lawyer as 'Sergeant Schultz': "I know no-THING, and I did not even get up this morning. "  - 01DEC Yves Engler PM Harper raising funds for racist organization.  - 04DEC John Ivison: As PM prepares for Israel trip, speculations abounds: will he resign after he returns?  - 03DEC David Akin: MP Michael Chong's plan to 'strengthen democracy'.  - 01DEC PressTV: Trio of soldier suicides raises concerns in Canada.

6. KUALA LUMPAR WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL CONVICTS ISRAEL.  - 29NOV Israel genocide precedent set. - 29NOV Veterans News Now: Israel charged with war crimes.

7. FINANCE: EU PREPARES FINES FOR MAJOR BANKS.  - 04DEC Harry Wilson London Telegraph: Banks brace for 1.7billion Euro fines over LIBOR.

8. ICELAND: PLANNING FOR HOMEOWNER DEBT RELIEF.  - 01DEC Iceland thumbs nose at international opposition to advance 1.2 billion debt relief plan.

9. ICELAND: FIRST POLICE SHOOTING IN COUNTRY'S HISTORY.  - 05DEC Public Radio International: Audio interview from Iceland.

10. POPE FRANCIS: 'ALTER EGO' SNEAKS OUT TO SERVE HOMELESS AT NIGHT.  - 04DEC : Report-Disguised Pope Francis sneaks out of Vatican for night charity patrols.

11. DISCLOSURE: US CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE DISCUSSES ET EXISTENCE.  - 04DEC Tom McCarthy London Guardian: US Congress has close encounter over ET life.  - 04DEC Tom McCarthy London Guardian : Live updates from the congressional hearing on ET life.  - April 2011 UFO Blogger : Alleged disclosure documents released by NSA in early 2011. PDF document links.  : PDF DOCUMENT: - Alleged disclosure of ET communications from the NSA.

12. HEALTH: THYROID ISSUES, SYMPTOMS AND CARE.  - Dr. Amy Myers: Ten signs you have a thyroid problem and solutions.   - 28OCT2012 Dr. David Williams:  Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid  - 01OCT2012 Dr. Amy Myers: How to heal your gut and heal yourself.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I'd like to share a bit about a holiday movie that, for whatever reason, seems to have become one of my touching holiday favourites.

Perhaps part of its endearing charm is that it will likely never considered an 'award winner', and when I say this, I actually mean this as a compliment, because to be honest, I have not been particularly impressed with what are most likely cabal-inspired movies that win awards to further brainwash people.

It has what I have come to love and appreciate in a meaningful movie: simple and yet profoundly meaningful messages; a light touch of romance, some nature and natural beauty, an acknowledgment of Divine Creator as speaking to us through our planet and through the synchronicities of events that happen to us. It carries the message of gratitude and of celebration of all that is truly meaningful, without any commercialism. Yes, there are some occasional references of God in a religious context. If one is willing to read between the lines a bit with a few of the religious references, one may be able to interpret a higher message of Divine Creator, of Oneness and the importance of service to humanity and our planet and more that extend beyond the Christian interpretations.

This little gem is called 'Christmas Lodge' and was released in October of 2011.

It is a story of Mary Tobin, a nature-girl at heart who is working in the big city. Her job is to coordinate funding for projects so historical buildings can be preserved in the city. Although she is good at what she does, her heart longs to be in nature. She takes her city-loving boyfriend on a trip to the mountains, and the polarity of their characters is clearly evident as he has no desire to be in nature.

While hiking, they come across a young girl in distress and help her back to her place, where Mary discovers is an old lodge where she and her family used to spend so many Christmas holidays when she was young. The girls father, Jack Rand arrives home and Jack and Mary begin the journey of reminiscing about the lodge and the history of their families.

Jack explains to Mary that the lodge is so run down that it now out his control and he just cannot possibly restore it to its former lustre and glory.

Mary and her boyfriend return to the city, and they break up shortly after, as he realizes that they are just too different to stay together.

Another part of the story is the relation Mary has with her aging grandfather who is quite ill. She was one of the few grandchildren who actually took the time to listen to him, and she benefitted from the wisdom and love he shared with Mary about being in nature, the love they shared for nature together when she was alive, and experiencing the Divine Creator and his late wife in the forests around Christmas Lodge after his wife passed on.

Heartbroken and fearful of being alone, Mary decides to try to save Christmas Lodge, and is motivated by the strong hope that she can bring her grandfather to the Lodge one more time with the family, something her father says will never happen. Mary asks her father, who inherited the construction company started by her grandfather if he would survey the Lodge and come up with a cost estimate that she could present to her company to try to restore the Lodge.

The survey results in an estimate that is almost two million dollars. She applies for the grants but only gets about half. While talking to her father, her grandfather overhears her distress, and he coaxes his son to put off all his other jobs, and go and help the Rand family. One of the scenes that makes my eyes water up a bit is to see Mary's reaction when Grandfather Tobin says he will pay the difference to get the project done. In the words of Grandfather Tobin, Christmas Lodge had given so much to their family, that it was now time to give back, and it would become his legacy so Grandpa Tobin agrees to pay for the family construction team to go and restore the Lodge.

Over the months of work, Jack and Mary get closer, and Jack's daughter is pushing him to get closer as she has grown really fond of Mary.

Jack finally gets the courage to express his interest, and she resists because she is fearful of her history with men, but also of hurting Charlene, Jack's daughter. Jack's charm finally breaks her barrier and she finally admits she is tired being fearful.

Charlene is anxious to meet Grandfather Tobin, but his health takes a downturn with a stroke before the US Thanksgiving holiday. The Thanksgiving holiday sees Jack and Charlene coming to visit the Tobin family, and we see the bond that truly exists between these two families, but also the bond between Jack, Charlene and Mary.

As a result of her work on this project Mary's boss announces that the company is opening a branch office in the mountains to look after projects outside of the city, and Mary is offered the job to head up this office, which she jumps at to be closer to nature, to the mountains, but secretly to be close to Jack and Charlene whom she has begun to fall in love with, although she is not quite ready to admit that to herself.

The movie ends with the renovations being completed in time for Christmas and the two families are at the Lodge for the turning on of the lights. I won't reveal how the story ends..that is for you to discover. Maybe, just maybe the touching messages contained in this little gem will resonate with you and your family this holiday season.

Things in your life may not be working out the way you planned, but as you begin to listen to what your heart is telling you to do, or where it is guiding you to be, perhaps those doors begin to open up in ways that you never dreamed were possible! Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown, and sometimes it is the need to follow your truth, even when faced with challenge and opposition. In honouring one's own truth, the world begins to manifest in a different vibration, and Mary Tobin found her dreams manifesting

Next week's newscast will be coming from Uruguay, so next week will take me away from the traditions and customs I particularly love of this season in a northern climate. I'd like to close this week with two songs from this movie. The artist who played the role of Mary Tobin's sister Kathy, Victoria Banks is also the artist who sang these two songs. I contacted Victoria who has graciously and kindly given me permission to share these two songs. As you listen to this music, hold the focus of the energies of this holiday season, and all you want it to be, not only for yourselves but also for humanity and our planet. We are serving a larger family, not only a planetary family but also a galactic family and celestial family.

The first song is 'The Greatest Gift', and captures the essence of what Mary Tobin experiences at the end of the movie and what lies in the hearts of many who understand the deeper, heart-oriented meaning of this season.

The second song is 'You Believe In Angels', a song that I think will resonate with many who are courageously walking a path of truth and Light at this time.

I am now going to start posting the FINAL WORDS transcript in the show summaries. Links and the lyrics to the song will also appear.

Thank you again Victoria for your Light and your service! Thank you and blessings to the cast and crew of 'Christmas Lodge'. Here is Victoria Banks: The Greatest Gift and You Believe In Angels.






























CHORUS  - Homepage for Victoria Banks  - 'Christmas Lodge' info: cast and storyline.  - Christmas Lodge movie.

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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. PEOPLE OF THAILAND PROTEST FOR RESIGNATION OF THE GOVERNMENT.  - 28NOV PressTV: Thai PM survives no-confidence vote.  - 27NOV Bangkok Post: Suthep scorns arrest warrat.  - 29NOV Thai protesters capture army HQ in country wide anti-government protests.  - 25NOV : UNCONFIRMED report: Bangkok under martial law.  - Bangkok Post homepage.

2. CANADIAN SECURITY AGENCY CONSENTS TO NSA SPYING FOR TORONTO 2010 G20 SUMMIT.  - 27NOV Greg Weston CBC: Snowdon docs show US spied during Canada G20 2010 summit.  - 28NOV Greg Weston CBC: Furor in Ottawa over G20 spying.  - 26NOV Zach Dubinsky and Harvey Cashore CBC: Jim Flaherty 'not aware' of Mint chair's tax haven dealings.  - 29NOV PressTV: Israel's deathly nukes and Canada's deafening silence.

3. FORMER ITALIAN PM BERLUSCONI EJECTED FROM SENATE FOR TAX FRAUD.  - 27NOV Silvio Berlusconi, Italian ex-prime minister.  - 29NOV National Berlusconi fiancée to ask Pope Francis to pardon former prime minister.  - 28NOV Nicole Winfield and Colleen Barry Yahoo News: Italy senate expels 3-time ex-premier Berlusconi.

4. CHINA ANNOUNCES PLANS TO CUT BACK ON PURCHASE OF U.S. DEBT.  - 21NOV : Dollar cap: China limits world's highest foreign currency reserves.  - 21NOV Michael Snyder : China announces a stop to the stockpiling of US dollars.

5. POPE FRANCIS TAKES AIM ON CAPITALISM; CALLS FOR CHURCH TO RETURN TO ROOTS OF POVERTY.  - 26NOV Nick Squires London Telegraph: Pope says power should be moved away from the Vatican. - 26NOV Not to share wealth with poor is to steal: Pope slams capitalism as 'new tyranny'.

6. ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES – DANGERS OF THESE FREQUENCIES IN YOUR TECHNOLOGY AND HOME.  - homepage Electromagnetic - health effects of EMF pollution  - Protection for EMF.  - Solutions for EMF pollution.  - Solutions for EMF pollution.

7. COMET ISON: REAL COMET, PLANET X, OR GALACTIC STARSHIP ?  - ABC News report on Comet ISON. - Physicist James McCanney comments on lies by NASA regarding the size of the comet. - 28NOV Sirian Heaven/Marc Gamma: Message from Prime Creator and Hatonn re: ISON.  - YouTube: Steve Rother and 'The Group' on comet ISON.  - 29NOV Alan Boyle: Comet ISON leaves a mystery behind as it goes around the Sun.

8. CHINA TO LAUNCH LUNAR PROBE; NASA IS CONCERNED.  - 29NOV : Coming soon: China launches Chang'e 3 lunar probe.  - main page for info on coverage of probe launch from China.  - 25NOV Tom McKay PolicyMic : China is going to the Moon and NASA is very concerned about it.

9. TECH: FOX NEWS COVERS FIVE FUTURE TRANSPORTATION MODES THAT WILL HAPPEN.  - 27NOV John Brandon Fox News: Five future transportation technologies that will actually happen.

10. TECH: GERMANY ACKNOWLEDGES IRAN IN BERLIN GREEN TALENTS AWARD CEREMONY.  - 29NOV PressTV: Two Iranians among the winners in German 'Green Talents' Awards.

11. FEEL GOOD: MOTORCYCLE GANG THAT STANDS UP FOR AND PROTECTS ABUSED CHILDREN.  - 26NOV – Motorcycle gang for the support of abused children: this is exactly why you never judge someone by their looks.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS – isn't it amazing the things that can change in the space of hours or days.

A week ago, I was tentatively planning a trip to Sweden to spend the month of December there, and I was really looking forward to the opportunity to return. I was also beginning to plan two special radio programs for December 24th and 25th.

Unfortunately, those radio programs will not be able to be done. I have been informed by BlogTalk Radio that I am not allowed to play music that I do not have permission to play or do not own the copyright to. To play all the songs I wanted to play would have been a violation of their policies and it may have meant that InLight Radio's membership in BlogTalk Radio would likely have been cancelled.

I am not prepared to risk having the programs that InLight Radio offers cancelled at this time, at least without having some other place to go.

It is perhaps something I should have checked before making the announcement to everyone, and for this I apologize. I will not be able to offer an international musical celebration of peace.

As well, my plans for a trip to Sweden have also changed. There is a saying that goes something to the effect of: "LIFE is what happens when one is busy making other plans." As much as I wanted, and was looking forward to travelling to Sweden, it seems LIFE had another plan in mind.

I have received a message from a friend of mine who is currently connected to a group of people at an ashram in Uruguay. I have observed a number of different definitions of this word 'ashram', and many of them seem to focus on living in seclusion, or being focused on a particular religion, more likely the Hindu religion, as ashram's seem to have their origins primarily in India.

I have been invited to come down to Uruguay, and I have been asked to come earlier, so I can be worked with individually for a little while. I will be flying down to Uruguay now on 09DEC and staying until 27FEB. In mid-January, there will be a 45 day course that I am hoping will help me to release and heal remaining physical, emotional, mental, and etheric blocks that holding me back from moving forward at this time in my service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

Humans know that change is difficult, and can also be painful at times. Our resistance to change and to embracing the new is often why it takes so long for humanity in general to move forward. It takes generations for a new paradigm to begin.

As many are now observing and experiencing, change is happening quickly, and the paradigm that we once knew is rapidly collapsing into the energetic imprint of a higher consciousness paradigm. How we adapt and receive these changes determines how quickly we move forward as a species.

So much truth is being made known, and it is shaking the foundations of all that has been around us. The hardest, and most frightening change however is the one that comes from within each of us. It may be easy to see what is happening around us, and it may be easy to share that information with others to try to help them see that the old paradigm no longer serves us. In order to move forward however, there will ultimately come a time when we will have to come face to face with ourselves, and be able to see what is still blocked, unresolved or unhealed.

Although I may appear or come across as being one thing in my professional capacity, I recognize also that there is a part of me that must still be addressed, and I admit there is a certain amount of fear at the thought of facing whatever may be hiding and waiting to be faced.

In the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, there came Luke Skywalker's moment where he had to face Darth Vader, who was also his father, although he had succumbed to the dark side of the Force. Facing one's own darkness knowing that one may succumb to it is not a particularly pleasant thought. At the same time however, there is the comfort in knowing that more than ever before, there are energies of Light and love to assist everyone who has a pure desire to face and to heal all that requires healing at this time, in order to move forward in one's service to LIFE.

Fear is not necessarily something negative. It may only be considered negative if one allows oneself to become paralyzed by the fear to the point where one will no longer take action for whatever reason.

For some people, meditation is enough to quiet the mind long enough to do some of the inner cleansing to keep one moving along. Others sometimes require a bit more assistance. I am being offered some assistance and it is an offer that I think may be necessary in order for me to become a stronger, more energetic, more courageous, more authentic, more compassionate journalist and communicator of our galactic families.

I was burnt out last January, and I still have not had a vacation since that time. This opportunity, I am creating, will allow me a change in environments, a change in energies and hopefully also the opportunity to swim with dolphins that will help me forward to be a better example for empowerment to each of you in helping you to achieve your truth at this time with the courage, love and Light that we all require.

Sooner or later, we are forced to face ourselves, and fear will be present. Our ego may attempt to keep us locked in fear because this is what is familiar and comfortable. It may be painful, but at least it is familiar, and there are others around us who share that pain. However, part of becoming a 5D galactic human means making the choice to not be limited by fear, and to embrace whatever may be ahead or whatever comes up.

Messages from our galactic and celestial families have stressed how important it is to do our inner work and cleansing. Maybe, just maybe, now is my time for experiencing this.

I have never experienced an ashram, and I have no idea what it will involve. I am not so worried about the experience itself, but I would have to admit that I am somewhat fearful of what may come up within me for healing. It may be unresolved anger, unresolved hurt from past relations, it may even be self-abuse and resentment for things I did not do ... or maybe even less honourable things that I did when I was younger.

I do not remember the last time I cried... really cried. Maybe I am scared this will happen.

As you reflect on your own LIFE-path, the energies of these days are bringing to us the very challenges and opportunities for personal healing and growth. How might you be holding yourself back at this time? What fears might be lurking in your closet, and are you at least aware of them, even if you're not quite ready to face them? You are halfway to healing if you can at least recognize some of the fears and energies that you are addicted to that are holding you back from realizing your full potential and service at this time!

The coming few months will be a journey for me, and I will be doing my best to keep the newscast going during this time. I will perhaps share some of my experiences, in the hopes that in hearing them, you may be able to benefit from what I am sharing, and apply it in your world, to help you heal and move forward quickly!

There is a song sung by Jewel called Life Uncommon. In this song, she sings "Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom; no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from. Fill your lives with love and bravery and you shall lead a Life Uncommon. I have heard your anguish, I have heard your hearts cry out; we are tired, we are weary but we aren't worn out. Set down your chains, until only faith remains. Let your words enslave no one... and the heavens will hush themselves to hear our words ring out clearly with sounds of freedom.

We are approaching the golden age, an era of peace and to get there requires each of us to choose a Life Uncommon. The great news however, is that this LIFE is getting more and more common with each day...because beautiful souls like you are breaking those chains of your fears and singing a melody of love.

Blessed be to you!

CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show: Jason Bowman
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Friday, 22 November 2013 22:11

Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE

1. JOHN F KENNEDY: 50 YEARS OF THEORIES, LIES AND COVER UPS.  - The American Presidency Project: John F. Kennedy  - 21NOV Josh Levs CNN : Caroline Kennedy, Japan and JFK's legacy.  - CNN : John Kerry reignites Kennedy conspiracy theory with bombshell statement. - 18NOV Thom Patterson CNN: One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true. - 22NOV Kevin Barrett PressTV: Confession: jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK.  - audio clip from JFK about secret societies. - JFK address to American University grads five months before assassination.

2. PROTESTS IN BULGARIA. - 11NOV BBC: Bulgaria protests: students lock up Sofia university.  - 12NOV BBC: Bulgaria protests: clashes outside parliament.  - Viral photo of young woman crying to Bulgarian police officer.  - 21NOV Clive Leviev-Sawyer: Two Bulgarian unions form strike committee.  - 21NOV Sofia Globe: Sofia city council condemns police blockades in the city.  - 16NOV Alexander Besant Global Post: Bulgaria protests show sharp political divide.

3. POLICE PROTEST IN PORTUGAL.  - 21NOV : Portuguese police stage rowdy parliament protest.

4. UNREST IN SLOVENIA – VOTE OF CONFIDENCE.  - 11NOV PressTV : Slovenia government to face vote of confidence.  - 15NOV : Slovenia not yet out of the woods despite confidence vote.  - 21NOV Christos Panagopoulos: Slovenia minister of economy resigns.  - 21NOV Christos Panagopoulos: Slovenian FM survives no-confidence vote.

5. PROTESTS IN GREECE.  - 17NOV : Thousands of Greeks mark 40th anniversary of student uprising, protest against austerity.

6. UKRAINE: VOTES TO JOIN RUSSIA; ABANDONS THE EU.  - 21NOV Putin victorious as Ukraine postpones 'trade suicide'; halts talks with EU.  - 21NOV Ian Traynor The Guardian: Ukraine fails to pass bills freeing Yulia Tymoshenko before EU summit. - 22NOV update: Ukraine kills EU integration plan.

7. CANADA SPIES, AND PRIME MINISTER HARPER HIDES.  - 09OCT Martin Lukacs and Tim Groves London Guardian: Canadian spies met energy firms secretly.  - 20NOV 'The Day I Emma Gilchrist: The Day I Found Out The Canadian Government Was Spying On Me.  - 20NOV PressTV: Harper's ex-chief of staff accused of bribery.  - 20NOV PressTV: Canadian PM Harper in love with Zionism.  - 21NOV : Ten environmental secrets hidden from the Canadian public.  - One organization being spied upon in Canada.


9. CYPRUS UNIVERSITY TO ACCEPT BITCOINS. - 21NOV : Cyprus University is worlds' first to accept Bitcoin for tuition.  - 19NOV


11. COMET ISON; POSSIBLE BLUE STAR KACHINA?  - Ancient Wisdom: Is Ison the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi Prophecy?  - Click this link for the full prophecy. - The Thunderbolts Project:  - Susan Joy Rennison: Mars, Ison and Sun Interaction

12. ASTROLOGY FOR DECEMBER: A CHART BEARING GIFTS.  - Carl Boudreau – astrological info for December.  - 21NOV : AAM via Ron Head.  - Nancy Detweiler: History of astrology in Judaism and Christianity.

13. TECH: 3D PRINTING FOR FOOD.  - 21NOV JR Brookwater : Apple's latest liquidmetal patents point to 3D printing for new iPhone.  - 06JUN Wynne Parry Tech News contributor: How 3D printing may shape the future of food.

14. MORE BAD NEWS FOR BIOTECH COMPANIES AND GMO PRODUCTS.  - 20NOV Brett Allen Natural News: GMO foods plummeting stock prices.  - The No GMO Diet book - GMO effects on markets  - China refuses more US corn.  - Mexico bans GMO Corn.  - - 21NOV : Hawaii's big island bans biotechs and GMO crops.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I find myself wanting to address the upcoming season that many celebrate as Christmas.

In a recent channeled message from Monty Keen via his wife Veronica, Monty shared the following:

"Try not to buy into the Christmas hype, as it only serves to make the Cabal richer. Treat it as a family get-together. Christmas, as depicted by Rome, never happened. Jesus was so much more than they want you to believe. The truth of this will be explained when the timing is right for us to do so. You have been lied to for such a long time, so this subject will have to be dealt with, when everything settles down, and you are in a position to listen and accept the truth.

Although there are certain traditions that I do enjoy about the season, I no longer go shopping. Well, that is also partly because I have not had the resources to do any shopping, so this may be a bit of a blessing in disguise. I no longer enjoy listening to some of the traditional Christmas music that mentions the religious, the commercialistic or even the biblical themes of the holidays. My preference now is for songs that capture just the natural energies, the peace and the harmony of the holiday season.

When I lived in Sweden, there were certain traditions such as putting lighted candles in every window of your home or apartment. To me, it was incredibly beautiful. I cannot describe how amazing it was to walk home in the darkness and see a triangular candelabra in almost every window in every building.

There is the Christmas music and also the tradition of Sankta Lucia. The annual performance at the Stockholm sporting stadium called Globen has students holding candles all around the arena and in the aisles. The candles light up when Lucia enters the arena, and the lights are extinguished as Lucia walks out. I know Swedes may not appreciate the tradition as much because it has become so common, but for me, it was something very touching that I came to really love about being in Sweden during December. If CVN TV is able to get to air before Christmas, perhaps I will play a clip showing this tradition. The tree I had in my apartment was decorated with some of the decorations from my mothers collection, and also I put decorations symbolizing peace, and I also put one decoration on from some of the many countries I visited while still working in my corporate world past life.

My mother's tree in Canada is a far cry from commercialism. It looks like a tree you might find in a cottage or if one was celebrating a country Christmas. It has none of the commercialistic, plastic and gaudy decorations. I am probably biased, but I feel my mother decorates one of the best trees I have seen in the world. It takes me away from the commercialism and I enjoy certain Christmas music much more in this kind of environment.

For the most part, we have all agreed to stop exchanging presents, although there may be gift card for a massage, or maybe a bit of money to put towards something that is especially needed or meaningful.

We are in the midst of shutting down the global cabal, and we have a choice this year to bring back the true meaning of this season. This weeks newscast has outlined a number of stories demonstrating the empowerment that people worldwide are beginning to feel, and in choosing to exercise our love and Light for humanity, perhaps we can shake the foundations of the cabal enough to tip the scales once and for all in moving towards co-creating a planet of higher consciousness and service.

I gently remind CVN listeners that I am planning to have two special holiday broadcasts on December 24th and 25th, and it is my hope to have songs of love and peace from countries around the world. I will be trying to avoid any songs of specific religions or commercialistic traditions, but rather hope to offer songs that you might really enjoy sharing with your family in hearing songs from around the world that carry the same message that many of us are carrying in our hearts for a better world.

Listeners will be invited to call in and share a short poem, or a message for others around the world. Please do not make it a long message, as I hope that there will be many callers who want to share energies of love and peace.

Blessings to you and those around you as you prepare this season of celebration of love, joy, peace and LIFE willing, a truly wonderful global event that will show the world once and for all that dramatic and beautiful change is happening as we move closer to becoming a galactic star nation!  - Channeled message from Monty Keen, 13NOV.


CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show: Emma Gilchrist and Nancy Detweiler
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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE



1. CHILD PORN RING BUSTED AFTER THREE YEAR INVESTIGATION.  - 15NOV Al Jazeera: Hundreds rescued after Canada child porn bust.  - 14NOV Megan Levy: 348 arrested in child porn investigation.  - 14NOV Erin Criger: 348 arrested in global child sexual abuse ring.

2. NSA ADMITS SNOWDON HAS RELEASED UP TO 200,000 CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS.  - 15NOV Snowdon leaked up to 200,000 documents: NSA.

3. MAFIALEAKS WEBSITE SEEKS TO BREAK MOB CODE OF SILENCE TO EXPOSE ACTIVITIES.  - 13NOV Michael Day London Independent : Mafialeaks – the anonymous whistleblowing site inspired by Wikileaks that aims to shatter mob code of silence.

4. POPE FRANCIS MAY BE OR BECOME A TARGET OF MAFIA INTERESTS IN ITALY.  - 14NOV Pope Francis' anti-corruption stance is agitating mafia – prosecutor.

5. RUSSIAN LAWMAKER PROPOSES LEGISLATION TO BAN U.S. DOLLAR.  - 13NOV Marc Bennetts Washington Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw US dollar; calls it a ponzi scheme.  - YouTube video: why the collapse of the dollar and the euro are guaranteed.

6. CONFESSIONS AND AN APOLOGY FROM A QUANTITATIVE EASER. - 12NOV Michael Snyder Fed Reserve whistleblower tells America the real reason for quantitative easing.  - 11NOV Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a quantitative easer.

7. BITCOIN GAINING TRACTION AND REPUTATION IN ARGENTINA AND CANADA.  - 13NOV Canadian mining company to pay for services in bitcoins.  - 29OCT Vivian Luk Canadian Press: Worlds' first bitcoin ATM goes live in Vancouver.  - a video about how organic farmers in Argentina have taken to using Bitcoin to compete and fight inflation.  - Website for Bitcoin.  - Bitcoin Wiki for information.


9. SWEDEN INCARCERATION RATE DROPS SIGNIFICANTLY – REHAB POLICIES MAY BE CREDITED.  - 11NOV Richard Orange: Sweden closes four prisons as number of inmates plummets.

10. SWEDISH PUBLIC CORRECT TEN YEARS LATER IN VOTING NO TO EURO.  - 14SEP Mats Persson The Guardian : Ten years on, what Britain can learn from the Swedish euro referendum.


12. KAZAKHSTAN: CREATING A MODEL OF A FUTURE CITY FOR EXPO 2017.  - 01NOV : AS+GG wins competition for Astana World Expo 2017.  - homepage for Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan  - Expo museum page.

13. RUSSIA OLYMPIC PROMOTION: 30 SQUATS FOR A FREE SUBWAY RIDE.  - NDT.TV: Video story of the unveiling of Olympic promotion in Moscow for subway travellers. - 08NOV VIDEO: To promote the upcoming Olympics a subway ticket machine dispenses tickets with physical squats as payment.

14. SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE EFFECT ON HUMAN RELATIONS.  - To view the video on the effects of social media on human relations.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, I would like to extend an invitation to the people around the world to help change the energies of the upcoming holiday season, even if only in small ways.

Last Christmas, my mother made a choice to give her partner a different present for the holidays, and it was a donation to a local food bank in her partners name. She bought the food, and they both went to the food bank. At first, it was not such a big deal for him, but my mother observed that when he came out of the bank, he was smiling broadly, because he had experienced the great joy that came from that act.

This year, they have decided to do it together, and they will both buy food and give the donation to a local food bank in lieu of purchasing commercialistic items.

I realize that this particular choice may not resonate with everyone, but maybe this example will inspire you to come up with more creative, loving, compassionate and peaceful ways to lift the vibrations of this holiday season, without surrendering so much to the commercial or perhaps the religious aspects of the holidays.

If you have children, you may wish to consider sitting down with them at dinner and having a discussion to see and hear their perceptions of the world at this time, and to ask them what they might like to do help change things. If they appear to be really open to the idea, it may be worth planting a seed now for them to think about – a seed that maybe this Christmas you could all exchange less or no materialistic presents, but rather make contributions to meaningful and peaceful organizations for committed and proven global change and peace.

As we heard at the end of CVN last week, Archangel Michael shared a bit about sacred relations and how people are moving closer together.

In the spirit and celebration of this, I would like to extend an invitation to CVN listeners worldwide to join me in at least one of two special programs over the Christmas holidays, one for the benefit of those living in the European time zones, and then one for the benefit of those living in North America.

The plan at this moment is to invite people to send songs to me from their country that are played during the holiday season, but only songs that are focused more on peace than on any religious traditions. In your country, you may have holiday songs that sing about the snow, the darkness, the country in general or songs of peace, love and companionship.

I would like to put together a three hour show of international holiday music for December 24 and another on December 25th. I would like to allow people to call in also, and share a brief story, poem or experience that has become a part of your peaceful celebration of the holiday, or how your holidays have changed over the recent years to reflect the higher vibrations, and maybe reflect your move away from celebrating in the more religious and commercialistic sense.

As many Europeans celebrate their holiday on the evening of December 24th, I am planning a program in the afternoon of the 24th, so that they might choose to allow this program to play in their homes while they celebrate, and also hear messages of love and peace from other around the world.

The next program will be in the morning of December 25th, the time when most North Americans will celebrate. Of course, the archives of both shows would be available for anyone to listen to at any time. At the same time, by doing these programs, it will allow me to share the joy, love and peace of this season with the people of the world, and to have them celebrate it with me.

Please feel free to send me any MP3 versions of songs from your country. They do not have to be in English. In fact, I would prefer songs that are in the native languages and that have softer melodies. I would also ask if you might be willing to send along the lyrics of the song in English, so I can share a bit of the meaning of the song to the listeners around the world. If there is a special history or tradition behind the song, please feel free to share this also.

So, what I am looking for are MP3 versions of peace and love-oriented holiday songs in native languages from around the world, with a copy of the lyrics translated into English and possibly an explanation or history of the song if it is known.

I know that I myself have been moving away from holiday songs that focus on the religious aspect. I find myself enjoying much more the songs of peace and love that reflect the growing consciousness worldwide.

I would like to believe that there are many around the world who are feeling the same way, and who might enjoy hearing songs and messages from people of other countries to the people of the world. I realize that there are cultures that do not celebrate the holiday season that is known as Christmas. If you have songs of peace that are soft and have beautiful words and melodies, please send them to me anyway. The idea is to raise the vibration beyond the energies of the holiday itself, and manifest energies of peace beyond the celebration of just a few days of the year.

If the response is good, then I will plan these special broadcasts, and perhaps you and your loved ones may choose to invite me into your homes to celebrate a holiday season of love and peace with you.

I love listening my holiday music from around the world, and would love to hear more...while also sharing it with you!

With your help and contributions, I look forward to bringing international songs and messages of peace from around the world to the people of the world...and perhaps even to our galactic and celestial families as we all move onward and upward in our service to humanity, our planet and our star nation families. Blessings to each of you and to all around you!


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