Vision / Solution

awakening-4The 'secret' to the Vision/Solution cannot be found somewhere 'out there'. There is no political leader, no religious leader, no business leader or anyone who can tell you the solution. Only you can find and BECOME the solution.

If there was such a thing as a 'step by step' plan for galactic and planetary change, based upon what I think I know in this moment of 'now', it might go something like this:

Begin your own process of questioning all that is around you; the structures of leadership, religions, business, media, education...everything. Try to understand your relation to it all, based on all that you have been taught within your race, religion, culture, class, language, gender, orientation, physical/mental ability, political belief, and other criteria of separation that you may be able to think of.

Open your mind to what is not working within our current paradigm of thinking and being. What patterns are you observing within the current paradigm? Is it a model based on ONENESS, of love, compassion, forgiveness sharing and peace? Is it a model that is based on energies of fear, greed, separation, and states of peacelessness? What can you begin to learn from your observations?

Perhaps slowly begin opening your mind to a possibility that everything is energy. Everything has its own unique frequency and vibration (something like a cell phone number). If you are able to begin accepting the possibility of this, is it then possible to see how your energies act and interact with all other energies around you? Can you recognize what an 'energetic interaction' may look like, or feel like? Begin to observe your conversations with others. What happens during these conversations? Is someone trying to control the conversation? Is it you? When you are feeling like the one who is being controlled, how does that feel? When you feel you have 'won' a conversation, how does that feel? Is it possible that you have allowed your energies to be taken from you, leaving you feeling tired and drained? Is it possible that someone else has done the same thing, allowing you to have their energies, so that you can justify a particular thought, belief or action?
Have you noticed a different feeling within you when you are in a city and when you are out in the country? Near water? In a forest? In the mountains? Can you explain to yourself why you feel this way? What are you sensing and feeling in the environment around you in that moment?

awakening-3Slowly begin to embrace whatever energies around you that resonate the most with you. These energies may appear as your thoughts, words and actions, or they may come to you in the form of ideas, beliefs, and words from other people, or they come in the form of events and experiences to bring you lessons for healing and awakening. You may suddenly finds people that you thought were friends are suddenly challenging you, because they have noticed a change within you, and they are seeking to keep you at their level and accepting whatever ideas/beliefs/values they need to justify their way of thinking in that moment. Do those values resonate with you still? If not, what choices are you prepared to make to honour yourself? Is it honourable to change yourself just to keep a certain person in your LIFE-path? At the same time, observe if anyone new comes into your LIFE-path. What energies are these new people bringing to you? Are you finding these energies joyful, perhaps even refreshing? Who made the choice to allow these energies into your LIFE-path? Who makes the choices to keep them there, or let them go? If someone is challenging you to let go of those energies, why? What does another have to gain, and what do you have to lose in giving away those (or any) energies to another? Are you willing to accept that?

Assuming you have been successful in getting to this point, you have begun opening yourself to the possibility that you are energy, and that everything is energy, and therefore at a very deep energetic level, we are ONE with everything around us. How do you feel when you read this? Does it scare you? Does is open your heart and mind even more to understanding what this human experience is about? If we are all ONE, this creates the challenge of accepting that in hurting any other aspect of LIFE, we are also hurting ourselves. How do you feel as you read this? There is no 'right' or 'wrong'; this is merely to guide you along so that you can begin to get an idea of what you are feeling and why. If we are ONE with the plants and animals and everything else around us, is it possible that we may want to have a different relation with everything?
Perhaps you are now ready to make some new choices about how you are living?

How can you resolve any new feelings that come up, knowing that animals and plants are experiencing the energy equivalent of pain and fear when they are cut up for food, or that trees experience fear and pain as they are being cut down, or that Gaia experiences pain when mines are dug, or minerals are mined or when bombs are dropped on her surface? As you are now moving into a deeper awareness of energy and connection to LIFE, you may now be able to use those energies to demonstrate greater gratitude for all that is given so that humans may enjoy it. We may still have to harm some aspects of LIFE for a bit longer, but in learning how to express love and gratitude to LIFE for what it gives us in each moment is a step towards healing and growing. This is a practice that First Nations and Indigenous cultures knew well; how to be in gratitude for what they received. They used all parts of animals and plants, and their ceremonies reflected gratitude for all they were blessed to receive.

Are there new ways in which you could possibly in service to LIFE, and still find happiness and joy within yourself while doing it?

dolphingaiaIt is my belief that our planet and humanity are on the verge of a very profound leap in consciousness. We are soon to become a galactic civilization, and we are now in the process of being slowly introduced to members of our galactic families in the ships that are now being filmed in the skies all over the world.

Perhaps you may have noticed by now that our world, our planet and our consciousness was in a state of illness. Now, let me write this another way: I'll-ness. Are you able to make the connection to this?

Moving into the awareness that you are perhaps choosing to move towards at this time, is it possible to observe and perhaps even feel a greater sense of wellness in the world? Let me write this another way: We'll-ness. ? Are you able to make the connection to this?

If you look at any city in the world, you will notice that there are many different ways to get into that city. Each individual uses the route that is best for her/him in that particular moment.

If you can imagine LIFE as a 'city' for a moment: You can choose whichever way you want (or need) to get into the city in that moment. Yes, you even have a choice not to enter the city at all. This is the gift of free-will. Your unique choices as you move along reflect your personal LIFE-path, but the larger goal is to bring those different gifts and experiences that are uniquely you, and bring them into service for the 'city' ; the ONENESS of LIFE.

The following matrix may also be of assistance:


The top part of the matrix shows just a sample of the many things an individual can do to help oneself begin to awaken and to connect to the larger world around her/him. Some people will be drawn to one or more of the samples listed; others will be drawn to some that are not within any of these areas. Others still will not awaken at all as they are not interested in anything related to this. All choices are honourable and they allow for the Divine-given gift of free-will.

In pursuing those interests/disciplines, one begins being drawn into the centre of the matrix where one begins to awaken to a connection and deeper energetic relation to the world around him/her. This changing relation begins also to open up possibilities for new choices; choices that honour Self, honour others, honour our planet and all aspects of LIFE.

This awakening leads one into new potential paths with greater courage and empowerment. One may feel drawn to be in service in one or more of the areas listed in the bottom row of the matrix.

The bottom row also highlights a potential 'step by step' plan for changing our global society. If start on the left-hand side, we see the overal goal of where we as a species are going. In some circles, this may be called 'Ascension'. For those who aren't quite ready to embrace that word, it can be considered more of creating a new way of living and being by making LIFE-honouring choices.

Let's ask a question: "In order for THAT goal to happen, what must happen FIRST before that final goal can be realized?"

Looking at the next box, we see that we may have to re-create our quality of living, so people feel a greater sense of safety and security while knowing their basic needs for survival have been met. So, this means re-creating a quality of life; plentiful and healthy food, clean water, air, personal security, well-being, general happines among other criteria.

Again, let's ask the question: "In order for THAT goal to happen, what must happen FIRST before that final goal can be realized?"

The centre box suggests that before people can have a feeling of safety and security, there are numerous issues to be addressed. Among the most important of these issues is the removal of separation and fear between people. It means re-creating our beliefs surrounding religion, family, culture, gender, orientation, language, peace, conflict and many others. When we begin embracing a sense of ONENESS, we open up to a possibility of changing beliefs that are fear-based that have been indoctrinated into us and begin to reach out to bridge the fear/separation to make others around us feel more at ease. Afterall, why would one seek to intentionally harm another when that other is merely another aspect of you in the ONENESSf?

Again, "In order for THAT goal to happen, what must happen FIRST before that final goal can be realized?"

everything-backwardsFor fear and separation to begin disappearing, it will mean having to re-visit and re-create the many institutions that have been set up, supposedly for our 'protection' and our 'well-being', but in fact has been the exact opposite. The following image on the right sums it up very nicely. Everything has indeed been backwards, and the people of the world have now begun awakening to the lies frauds and crimes that have been perpetuated by individuals in numerous positions and institutions around the globe for their own personal wealth, power and benefit. Everything that was sold to the people of the world for their 'benefit' has ultimately been for their own enslavement. All the people, positions and institutions have done is to market messages of fear, separation, debt, greed, revenge, and so many other energies that are negative. In promoting all of these energies, those in power know that people will continue to look to them for 'leadership' and to provide the things that they have become addicted to. Why have people become so sick and so addicted to so many things? This was to keep people from awakening to their inner gifts; their inner abilities; the Divine within him/herself. Those who have been in control have dreaded the day that humanity would awaken to its own Light and its inner power, for they know that this will be the day that the elitist cabal is no longer needed. Their vested interest was in keeping people in fear, in debt, in separation, and in ill-health so they would not have the time, energy and resources to rise up against them. Their legal, penal and judicial systems are criminally corrupt; education is a brain-washing tool; the environment is a wreck; the economy and the fractional reserve model of banking is criminally corrupt and our practices of manufacturing and of energy-provision are harmful to people and to the planet.

They never thought that they would see happen what is now happening around the world!! Thankfully, the world is now discovering this, and people are realizing just how badly we have been lied to, manipulated, controlled and weakened.

So, we ask the question a final time: "In order for THAT goal to happen, what must happen FIRST before that final goal can be realized?"

To begin creating the final goal of the world we wish to experience, it comes down to three very easy areas to focus upon: Re-creating government, re-creating beliefs related to religion and to how business is conducted. This means realizing that the whole political system, and the idea of 'democracy' in western countries has in fact been an illusion. First world citizens may have felt like they were 'free', compared to the third world countries. They were kept poor, so that the rest of the world would feel their illusion of freedom more deeply. Western countries have been, arguably, MORE enslaved because it was done without the people of those countries even knowing it In fact, they even CONSENTED to it, because of the fear that was sold to them.

So, making three changes, but especially the one of electing better politicians means that people have to be willing to be more educated in the questions they are asking their potential leaders. They need to know that their constituents are 'waking up' and are asking questions that threaten to expose them. They will have the choice to either smarter up, or be removed.

Each soul will find her/his place somewhere along the bottom row, to help bring in the changes that are now unfolding, and it is truly exciting to behold!

The vision is ONENESS ; the solution comes in finding your uniquely different yet equally beautiful truth that will help co-create the new world that is now rapidly beginning to unfold before our eyes!

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